Create code documentation using AI

Get back 32 development hours every month

Developers spend on average 20% of their time writing documentation. CodexAtlas takes care of the documentation for them, so your developers can focus on shipping.

139,820+ files already documented
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Reduce the time spent on documentation to zero

CodexAtlas removes the manual work on documenting software projects by using the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Reduce onboarding time

By always having the documentation up-to-date, new developers can start contributing to the project faster.

Reduce key-person risk

Knowledge of the project will not be tied to a single person, reducing the risk of losing key developers.

Build more features

Your developers can focus on building new features instead of writing documentation.

Real-time, reliable and private

We've got it all covered. CodexAtlas is the best way to free your developers from writing documentation.

Real-time updates

The documentation is always up-to-date with the code, so you don't have to worry about it.

Bussiness knowledge

You can extend the documentation with business domain knowledge that is not present in the code.

Automatic READMEs

CodexAtlas can generate README files for your projects. You can try our free README generator to get a glance.

Use-case docs

Most tools just create documentation for each file. CodexAtlas can detect use cases from your code and will generate video tutorials on how they work. (Feature in preview, reach out to support to enable it.)

Code conversion

CodexAtlas can help you convert code from one language or framework to another. You can try our free code conversion tool to get a glance.

On-premise plan

We understand that for some organizations, code is something really private. Reach out to us for an on-premise version so that your code will never leave your servers. One-time payment. Pay once, use forever.

Check our demos

Feel free to check our demos at how your project could look like in CodexAtlas.

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$28.160 every year

Every year you pay $28.160 to your developers to document their code, understand it and on onboardings.
(~20% of their time)

Free Free Trial

Try out CodexAtlas without any compromise and without your credit card. For free.

What's included:
  • Real-time documentation updates
  • Up to 1 repository
  • Up to 1 branch per repository
  • Up to 300 files per branch
  • No custom knowledge
  • Limited code conversions
  • README file generation
Start for free
Company $400 / month

Best for companies that want to integrate CodexAtlas with their workflow.

What's included:
  • Real-time documentation updates
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Unlimited branches
  • Unlimited files per branch
  • Unlimited custom knowledge
  • Unlimited code conversions
  • Automatic README files


We can help you setup an on-premise system and save more than $20.000/year in documentation and onboarding costs.

  • On-premise system
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom SLA
  • Dedicated support team
  • Custom, on-premise AI model (no data shared with OpenAI)
Looking for a one-time documentation? Check AutomaticDocs

Any questions?

Yes, you will be able to download the documentation in Markdown format to import it in any system you might use.

Absolutely. Just get in touch and we will set up a forever-free platform for your project.

If you can work with a custom Azure model in your own account, let us know. If not, Codex also works with open source models that can run on-premises, on your own servers, so your data is always yours. Feel free to get in touch with us!

No. Your code is never stored in our servers. It's just read to create the documentation and then deleted. We do store a vector representation of the code to provide advanced AI capabilities.