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Your code is yours.
Codex too.


Today, most software is a service. Not owned, but rented. Buying it enters you into a perpetual landlord-tenant agreement. Every month you pay for essentially the same thing you had last month. And if you stop paying, the software stops working.

At Codex, we believe that business software should be owned, not rented. That's why we offer a perpetual license for all of our products. Once you buy it, it's yours. Forever.

By purchasing a CodexB2B license, you get:

  • Your own physical server running Codex
  • Free updates
  • On-premise code documentation: Your code will never be sent outside of your own network
  • Maximum privacy with open source LLMs

What will you get?

By purchasing a CodexB2B license, you will get a Mac mini server running Codex. You will just need to plug it in, connect it to your network and follow the configuration steps. We will be there to support you every step of the way.

This computer will be yours to keep. You will be able to use it for other purposes as well, but we recommend keeping it dedicated to Codex for maximum performance.



Your code can be hosted in your own GitHub / Gitlab or Bitbucket repositories. Codex will establish a connection to your repository and start documenting your code.

Once Codex receives the code, it will be stored in your own server and it will use a locally-running Large Language Model (LLM) to generate the documentation. This way, your code will never leave your server and you will have maximum privacy.


Lifetime updates

Once you purchase a CodexB2B license, you will have access to all future updates over the modules you have purchased. This may include new features, support for new languages or framework versions, bug fixes, security and performance updates.

Updates will be served over internet and you will be able to install them with a single click.



We are constantly improving Codex with the latest advancements of AI. This means we may create new modules (i.e. video-based documentation, feature planning, etc.) that you can add to your Codex installation by paying a one-time fee.

You will be able to purchase these modules and install them with a single click. Also, we are developing an API so you can create your own modules and integrate them with Codex.


Reduce the time spent on documentation to zero

CodexAtlas removes the manual work on documenting software projects by using the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Real-time updates

The documentation is always up-to-date with the code, so you don't have to worry about it.

Bussiness knowledge

You can extend the documentation with business domain knowledge that is not present in the code.

Automatic READMEs

CodexAtlas can generate README files for your projects. You can try our free README generator to get a glance.

Use-case docs

Most tools just create documentation for each file. CodexAtlas can detect use cases from your code and will generate video tutorials on how they work. (Feature in preview, reach out to support to enable it.)

Code conversion

CodexAtlas can help you convert code from one language or framework to another. You can try our free code conversion tool to get a glance.

On-premise plan

We understand that for some organizations, code is something really private. Reach out to us for an on-premise version so that your code will never leave your servers. One-time payment. Pay once, use forever.

We support your framework

We are already prepared to work with most of the popular frameworks and languages. If you are using a different one, we can do the integration for you.

Ruby on Rails
Ionic + Angular
React Native

Let's talk business

1. How many developers do you have?

This number is just used to calculate how many code changes we can expect in a day of work.

2. How much does a developer cost per hour?


This will be used to calculate the cost of the time spent writing documentation.

3. How fast do you need the documentation updated?

The sooner you need it, the setup fee will be higher since we will need a more powerful computer.

Currently paying for

(4 developers)
28.160 € every year

Every year you pay 28.160€ to your developers to document their code, understand it and on onboardings.
(~20% of their time)

One-time payment with Codex

10.600 € one time

This price is a one-time payment to keep your code documented forever. The price is an estimate based on the provided information. The final price may vary depending on different factors.

Mac Mini computer
10.600 € one time
What would be included:
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited developers
  • Integrations with Notion, Confluence, and more
  • Prompt injection (to change documentation format)
  • Privacy-first approach
  • Free, lifetime updates
  • 1-year maintenance

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